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Community Integration - TOBOLA Health Care Services Inc.
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Community Integration


Community Integration

The Community Integration Service provides numerous opportunities for community participation. This program is based on:

  • Identified needs
  • Desires of the people in service

Participation in this program offers the people in service greater choice by providing the opportunity to utilize natural support and increase their participation in the community thereby achieving a greater level of self-sufficiency.

A person may participate in a variety of community life experiences that may include the following activities:

  • Leisure/recreational activities
  • Religious activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Vocational pursuits
  • Educational activities
  • Development of work attitudes
  • Development of living skills
  • Volunteerism
  • Communication activities
  • Health and wellness promotion
  • Activities of daily living/independent living
  • Orientation, mobility, and destination training
  • Interactions with volunteers from the community in program activities
  • Community collaboration and social connections developed by the program

THCI does not currently operate a specialized adult day program at this time. However we will provide support to people during the day based on our “It’s all about you” philosophy. We design programs around the individual’s wants, needs, and dreams. Programs such as community outings and volunteering.

THCI also works with various organizations to assist individuals with, within the community, such as attending school, work or day program in the community. Our activities include, but are not limited to arts and crafts, cooking, local and out-of-state trips, holiday and international themed parties, theater shows, and faith-based events.

Based on the Christian faith, THCI provides an avenue of worship for the individuals who so wish, in form of group study and Praise time. Provision is also available for denominational support to our THCI families. However, THCI will not debar any resident or family members from observing their individual religious beliefs

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